When due diligence and a modern mind-set meet on the road

**Driven** by sustainability

More than ever, it is imperative for the world that we all think carefully about the way we do things. And that we think far ahead. As nations, businesses and individuals.
Some choices and actions have more impact than others and enable us to make a noticeable difference. Today, tomorrow and in the future. We base our responsible conduct on what we call our nine key concerns.

No. 1 - Carbon footprint

We will reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles for each driven kilometre by 50%* * 2015-2025

One day, our trucks will be climate-neutral. One day ...

About 6% of Denmark’s total carbon emissions come from the Danish truck industry. As a transport company we therefore have a great responsibility to reduce our emissions.

The most important solution is new technology and, above all, alternative fuels. For this reason, we are fully committed to lead the way of sustainable technologies and do this in close collaboration with the truck manufacturers.

In addition, we continuously train our drivers in sustainable driving techniques.

No. 2 - Empty kilometres

We will reduce the number of kilometres driven with empty containers by 4 million kilometres* * 2015-2025

One kilometre without cargo is a kilometre without purpose.

When a container has been unloaded at a customer’s premises, it is usually returned empty to the port terminal. This results in large volumes of carbon for the purpose of transporting empty air.

The solution is reloading. In other words, using the empty container to transport cargo in the opposite direction. However, this requires highly efficient logistics. In order to optimise the number of reloads and save as many ‘empty kilometres’ as possible, we have implemented one of the transport industry’s leading fleet management systems, Synchronicer.

Additionally, we have developed our Spotrate concept, which allows our customers to book a ‘last-minute container’ and have their export haulage carried out at a spot rate. In other words, with Spotrate we create a win-win situation where customers save money and we (and the environment) save empty kilometres.

No. 3 - Sustainable technology

We will maintain a constant focus on new and sustainable technology

Sustainable road transport starts with the fuel tank

The best way to reduce carbon emissions is, of course, by driving fewer kilometres. Therefore, our customers are being environmentally responsible when they ship their containers to or from a Danish container port, rather than using Hamburg or other foreign ports.

In addition to our exclusive focus on domestic haulage, it is crucial to us, as a transport company, that all our trucks emit as little carbon (and other harmful substances) as possible. We therefore closely monitor the development of new and more sustainable fuels such as biodiesel, biogas and hydrogen, like we also actively participate in development and testing, through close collaborations with the Port of Aarhus and other relevant stakeholders.

Additionally, we are ready to test and implement new technological solutions in our truck fleet, should a decision be made to electrify parts of the Danish road network.

No. 4 - Green investments

We will allocate DKK 1 million a year to green investments* * Until 2025

We are green. Both in our hearts and on our bottom line

We believe that the green transition makes sense – for the climate, for the economy and for individual companies and citizens.

Our decision to allocate DKK 1 million in the budget to green investments every year until 2025 (so far) is not due to necessity. It is simply common sense. And full hearted will.

No. 5 - Carbon offsetting

We will make it easy for our customers to compensate the climate for their container transports in Denmark

Some accounts should ideally be negative

The carbon of which a company indirectly emits through the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products must be included in the company’s total emissions according to Scope 3 of the Paris Agreement. We therefore enable our customers to be able to both document and minimise these carbon emissions.

At Dania Connect, we are able to provide valid figures for the emissions generated by every transport assignment. It is an easy and proven way for our customers to neutralise their emissions down to 1 tonne and thereby optimise their carbon accounts. We arrange this through our collaboration with one of the world’s leading providers of climate action projects and carbon offsetting, the Swiss company South Pole.

An important reassurance is that South Pole is certified according to international standards, including Gold Standard. South Pole offers a range of different offsetting projects, enabling our customers to choose any project best supporting their company’s CSR profile. Projects include forest conservation, hydropower and clean drinking water.

No. 6 - Safe driving

We will eliminate accidents completely* for employees, hauliers and our surroundings * 2025

Safety first. And last. And in between

Some of our trucks weigh up to 54 tonnes, including chassis and container. When it comes to road safety and safety during loading and unloading, our approach is therefore uncompromising.

In order to eliminate accidents completely, we continuously educate and train our drivers. Through our constant focus we are building a common mind-set, where every action and every choice we make is based on the mantra of ‘safety first, last and in between’.

As an important aspect of our safety work, we have made it easy and efficient for our drivers and other employees to report any accidents that occur when they are on the road. This enables us to systematically register all incidents, and ensures that our Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) is continuously updated – and decreasing. Towards zero.

No. 7 - Working conditions

We will ensure proper working conditions for all our employees under the applicable collective agreement

When it comes to working conditions, we all speak the same language

Being a responsible company is also about taking proper care of the people who spend nearly half their waking hours in the service of the company.

At Dania Connect, it is extremely important for us that all our employees are employed under applicable collective agreements. In our world, we are all the same. Regardless of skin colour, religion and nationality.

No. 8 - Health and well-being

We will maximise the health and well-being of our employees and hauliers through satisfaction surveys and ongoing initiatives

Some results we measure in smiles

In order to maintain a high level of health and well-being among our employees and hauliers, we conduct at least one satisfaction survey a year.

Based on the responses received and our health and sick leave metrics, we continuously tailor the offers we make available to employees and customise our offers to include options such as free access to fitness, access to physiotherapy etc.

No. 9 - Concern for local communities

We will organise our haulage based on a thorough review of local conditions

Safety is (also) a matter of time and place

Through the concept ‘Gensyn med Hensyn’, Dania Connect offers to conduct reviews of local conditions. The review follows a standard template and is completed electronically by a specially trained driver.

Among other things, we look at local traffic conditions, school roads, driving patterns and physical conditions near our customer’s loading and unloading facilities. All with the goal of maximising safety for both the local community, our customer’s employees and our own team.